It’s Magnificent! Getting Clients to Recognize Your Stellar Service

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If your clients are not talking about how great you are – perhaps, just perhaps, they don’t recognize all that you do for them. If a client has been working with a financial advisor for a few years, do they recognize all the above and beyond activities that are being done for them or do they consider it just regular service? Do your clients know how unique you are compared to the competition? Do they have something interesting to tell their friends and colleagues about what you do?

I was on a flight to Atlanta earlier this week and the pilot came on the loudspeaker and told us all to look out the right side of the plane at the “absolutely magnificent view of the city of Atlanta tonight!” I fly a decent amount and have seen skylines of cities at night before and I downplayed the pilot’s comments. But, because of how excited he was and because he kept on talking about the view, I looked.  He was right! The view really was magnificent on this night! Without the pilot saying something I would have glanced but not recognized the great view because it is almost commonplace for a regular traveler. Not this night, and not anymore for me. The pilot brought the magnificent view to my attention, and he was right.

How does this equate to business? In business, we often do the great job we’ve always been doing without boasting about it to the clients we serve. But it actually makes good sense to share what you do with clients every once in a while. They may start paying attention to how great you are … and maybe even tell others about it. As Bonnie Raitt said – we’ve got to “give ‘em something to talk about!” And sometimes that’s as easy as sharing with your clients what you have done and will be doing!

Author: Maribeth Kuzmeski

Topics: clients satisfaction for finanical advisers, General

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