Daniel's Diaries: Week 4 - Half-time

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Week 4 - Half-time

Can’t believe that I’ve been working at Advisor Websites for 4 weeks already and that means we’ve reached the halftime of my internship. Time flies when you’re having fun! Here’s what happened last week.

Drill Down

Last week my focus was on the SaaS project. My goal is to find new ways to do marketing. Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant.” - Mitchell Kapor That’s how I felt when I started my online research about new marketing strategies. But once I filtered all the information I came out with some applicable data. Now it’s time to drill down and find out what is really useable and what goes to the trash. What I like best about this assignment is that I get the chance to influence the direction of Advisor Websites marketing strategy, while learning about new ways to do marketing.


Goal setting is very important here at AW, because it helps us in many ways. For instance it motivates and helps us focus and allocate our time and resources efficiently. One of our main goals is to provide value for the public through our content. Our major tools to provide content are blog posts, webinars, E-Books and Infographics. Those are all available for free on our website or blog. Do you set goals for your online marketing campaign? If not, you should definitely reconsider that. Here are some important criterias for goal setting that we always concern.

  • Make realistic and specific goals.
  • Write them down and maybe put them on the wall to always remember them.
  • Check and measure your progress continuously.
  • Schedule a meeting with everyone who is involved in achieving a goal and talk about how everybody is doing and where you need help.
  • Set short and long-term goals.
  • Award prizes to the whole team for achieving a goal.



As I mentioned last week, one of our core values is growth. In order to point out how fast Advisor Websites is growing, I would like to mention that we got 4 new members recently, that’s pretty impressive for a small company like AW. The first new member was me 4 weeks ago, then Mike came in to round up the marketing department. Further Fiona supports the team as a junior project manager. Last but not least, Eleni is the newest member, assisting the sales team in the future. Unfortunately, we are also losing one beloved teammate. Sara leaves after 9 months at the marketing department. Most readers might know here for the awesome blog posts she threw out everyday. Goodbye Sara!



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