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One of the most important advisor marketing objectives is to build your list by collecting email addresses on your web site. Here's how this plays out for many advisors. On your web site, you have a request to join your list:

  • Join our Mailing list
  • Sign up for our e-newsletter
  • Subscribe to my blog


Then Ms. Prospect comes along and if she likes what she reads on your site, she heard you speak or met you somewhere, or her best friend referred you to her, she enters her email address. At best she receives a confirmation email saying "thank you for joining our mailing list." At worst, nothing. Her email goes into The Black Hole.

Then two months later, you send out your quarterly newsletter (which was actually a semi-annual newsletter because you did not get your content together fast enough). Ms. Prospect ignores it or clicks "unsubscribe" because she does not recall who you are or why you are emailing her.

Good bye, Ms. Prospect who actually started with at least a mild interest in you and your service and may have been a client three months from now after she got to know you better.

Consider, instead, that you start communicating right away.  Yes, you build your newsletter list, but you approach it differently:

You present a free e-book on a topic that is relevant to her such as, "The 5 Conversations Every Woman Approaching Retirement Must Have."

Here's what can happen:

  1. She submits her name and email and lands on a Thank You page with a video of you saying "Hi, I'm Jim. Thank you for requesting the e-book....check your email for the link to start reading."
  2. Immediately in her inbox is an email from you with the link to the ebook and another personal 'thank you' message.
  3. Two days later, she receives another email from you, "I hope you find the ebook valuable. I realize it can be hard to find time to sit down and read with your busy schedule, so I thought I would outline two of conversations here..."
  4. Three more days later "Have you had these two conversations yet (outline #3 and #4)?"
  5. Three days after that: "Here is the last conversation you want to have..." and you invite her into have a conversation with you.

By outlining and delivering a true 1:1 communication stream over the next 2-3 weeks after she indicates interest in you, you put your best effort into converting that prospect into a client. She gets to know you right away and doesn't have to wait until you send out your next newsletter...three months from now.

Rather than ending up in the black hole, she may become a shining star.


Author: Passionate about helping entrepreneurial financial advisors succeed, Kristin Harad teaches advisors how to use powerful marketing strategies in practical ways and offers free marketing training videos through her web site at http://www.kristinharad.com. Kristin is also the founder of VitaVie Financial Planning, a fee-only firm in San Francisco, CA which she grew to six figures in less than three years from scratch. Pairing this success with 14 years of corporate marketing experience, Kristin brings a refreshing look at how to market your financial planning practice in a common sense, cost effective and even enjoyable way. Connect with Kristin on Twitter @KristinHarad.


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Author: Kristin Harad

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