15 Tips For Writing a Professional Financial Advisor Biography

How to Write a Financial Advisor Biography

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Given that over 80% of all Internet users will do online research before buying a product or service, a winning biography can make all the difference. It will provide prospects with information about your expertise and help them determine if you are able to meet their needs.

The following is a list of 10 items every financial advisor should include in their bio, as well as 5 tips for improving readability and content.

What To Include

  1. A keyword-rich heading. Including a heading on your page, such as "About Joe Smith, President of XYZ Financial") is an easy way to improve your search rankings.
  2. Your Name and Financial Title. Including your name and your title (ie. Investment Representative, Financial Planner, etc.) at the beginning is not only good practice, but it will also help improve your search rankings.
  3. Professional designation. Equally important as your financial title is your designation (i.e.: CFP, CLU etc.), so make sure it's prominent at the beginning.
  4. A Professional Photograph. Including a photo with your bio is essential. It quickly helps establish your credibility, and helps the reader put a face to your name if they don't know you yet. Bonus: It will instantly make your bio more interesting!
  5. Your numbers. If you've been in the industry for a while, this is a great selling point. Include your number of years in the industry and work it to your advantage. If you're just getting started, try focusing on your achievements so far instead.
  6. Experience and Specialties. If you've had a number of roles in the financial industry, you will definitely want to describe each role quickly. Were you a financial advisor? Associate? Division Director? Let your readers know what you can do and where your expertise lies.
  7. Educational background. While this may not be incredibly influential, it is important to state your education so you can further establish your expertise and credibility. Keep it to one or two sentences.
  8. Biographies of your team members. If applicable, include bio's of your admin, management, product specialists, partners.. anyone you work with! People will appreciate the team environment and like to see everyone they are working with.
  9. Brag about your achievements. If you've won any awards, published any works or been recognized, it is important that you include this information in your bio. People are easily impressed by awards, and may help you land a new client.
  10. List your affiliations and involvements. The last thing you will want to mention is your involvement with various financial associations and clubs. It will show your passion for your work and make you seem well-rounded and knowledgeable about the industry.

5 More Tips For Writing A Great Bio

  1. Have a good first sentence. You'll want to start off by making a great first impression, so start off with something compelling that will make the reader want to continue.
  2. Write in the 3rd person. This is often a hotly debated issue, but I believe that third person writing is best. Why? People trust information more when it comes from someone else over what someone says about themselves. It will also come across as more professional. And lastly, including your name often will really help optimize your site, especially if you have a popular name.
  3. Write tight. If someone other than your family and friends is reading your bio, they probably want a quick look at your qualifications and financial expertise - not a lengthy novel of your life story. So keep it short! List only what is necessary.
  4. Break it down. Break your bio into short paragraphs. This makes it more readable and easier to skim-through so readers can find the information they are looking for. If it's all in one paragraph, chances is are they won't go past the first sentence.
  5. Don't get too personal. Including bits about your personal life is great and will help show off your personality. You'll want to insert your personal tone in your bio and make your bio memorable. Having said that, don't mention too much about your family, your pets or anything else that gets too far away from your professional career.

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