Pro2Pro Network Hits $150 Million in Referrals

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Pro2Pro Network, the largest professional referral network in North America, announces that it has reached the $150 million milestone in referrals for its clients.

Since its launch in 2004 Pro2Pro has specialized in connecting financial advisors with CPAs and attorneys in their own cities. It also provides a unique and proprietary service that helps financial advisors automate the growth of their practice.

Dr. Len Schwartz, president and CEO of the Huntington Valley, PA company, said, “This is a major milestone for Pro2Pro and reflects the great need for the high quality service that we provide. Our clients express their satisfaction all of the time. In fact, just recently one financial advisor told us she even got a $20 million referral from a CPA thanks to working with us.”

Pro2Pro’s service gives advisors the ability to properly position themselves in their city and includes high-level coaching to ensure that the advisor is successful in maximizing the referral relationships. The Pro2Pro service enables advisors to help more people and receive a steady flow of high-quality referrals all year long.

Dr. Schwartz said, “Financial advisors are in a dime-a-dozen profession. The general public and most professionals cannot differentiate one from the other. When you have a network of CPAs and attorneys referring to you on a consistent basis, the advisor can enjoy incredibly positive word-of-mouth advertising and become the best known, most respected and most referred-to-advisor in their city.”

Pro2Pro is the only company that offers advisors throughout the United States and Canada a marketing and practice-building solution of this kind. Pro2Pro also provides advisors with information management tools, systems, strategies and support. With the Pro2Pro service, advisors can establish a network of CPAs and attorneys and work together to better serve their clients.

Dr. Schwartz said, “It is this team-based approach that ultimately enables the advisor to enjoy greater market penetration, name recognition and a steady flow of business. We have Broker Dealers, FMO’s, IMO’s, agencies, coaches and consultants that refer advisors to Pro2Pro in order to quickly secure multiple local relationships.”

Why is that so important? According to Pro2Pro Network, 98% of all financial advisors do not even have one strong relationship with a CPA or attorney who refers clients on a regular basis. It is estimated that more than half of all advisors struggle to generate a steady flow of new clients.

Pro2Pro offers a geographically exclusive service in which it only helps one advisor per zip code or area. Pro2Pro also offers a guarantee of service and additional practice-building marketing services and solutions.

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