This Week's Roundup: Better Blogging

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That's me! No really. That's me! No really.

As we mentioned in our newest ebook Advisor's Ed: Driving Traffic to Your Website, one of the reasons why we advocate on behalf of blogging so much is because it's worked for us. Since implementing the blog, Advisor Websites has come leaps and bounds - largely because of the influx of web traffic it's generated.

Without web traffic, online conversions are hard to come by.

But blogging is no easy task. And sometimes the biggest mistakes occur before you've even written your first word!

Over at, Ajeet Yadav lays out the 15 common WordPress mistakes you should avoid when setting up a blog if your website doesn't have its own blogging platform.

"#8 Not having a contact form

Another common mistake made by many beginners is not adding a contact form on their blogs. Instead, they create a contact page and simply mention their email there. That’s not the right way to get your audience in touch with you, as after a few months you’ll notice that your inbox is getting flooded with insane amount of SPAM.

The best solution to this problem and way to allow your audiences directly interact with you is adding a simple contact form to your site."

Check out the other 14 common WordPress mistakes here.

Back over at Sark e-Media, Shelley Fishel has an excellent video on how to put together an infographic in just two minutes.

Since many of us simply scan instead of read when it comes to our online habits, infographics are an excellent tool to disseminate information in a fun yet efficient manner, and a great way to keep your blog from falling flat. They're easy to look at, easy to share, and especially easy to make!

Adding an infographic adds tremendous value.

Check out the rest of the post here.

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