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    7 Ways to Better Market Your Financial Blog

    By Marketing

    In most recent years, blogs became a must-have necessity for any complete marketing plan. Whether your blog serves as valuable content for your current clients or is geared to improve your inbound marketing, it takes more than words on a screen to be noticed. For financial advisors and marketers who seek ways to better market their financial blogs, implement some of the following practices:

    1. Have a Cohesive Design
      • Do not allow the blog’s design and layout to differ from the main financial website. Be cohesive in design throughout all online platforms and offline efforts. The layout of the blog should be clear, concise, and easy-to-follow.
    2. Comment on Related Blogs
      • Search for blogs or blog posts that relate to your target market. For example, if you serve the public safety community, search for magazines, newsletters, websites etc. that are relevant to your field – and your interests. Once you are there, comment or reply with your input on the subject or question(s) presented. The goal of this is to gain awareness with readers and over time, gain influence.
    3. Post Regularly
      • On average, aim to post two to five blog posts per week. If five is out of the question, begin with two. When it comes to blog topics, I suggest to first address the most frequently asked questions you receive in your practice. Next, take notice of the calendar year and your ideal client; their needs and concerns will vary over the course of a year. When it comes to carving out time to write a blog post, set aside an afternoon or day to write, edit, and schedule a week to a month ahead.
    4. Select Strategic Post Titles
      • One of the head-scratching parts of blogging is selecting a title. Some title suggestions are: keep titles under 10 words, include one to two keywords, be clear, and witty. Just as each blog post should be helpful and informative, the title should follow suited.
    5. Interview Relevant Leaders or Businesses
      • If there is a business or leader in the community or industry you admire, ask to interview them by phone or in person. This will not only build their credibility but it will also better position you and your practice.
    6. Host a Blog Post Swap
      • Connect with a financial advisor, accountant, lawyer or other professional and ask them to write a post for your blog and vice versa. This is beneficial for a few reasons: you each tap into one another’s market, can further establish yourself online, contribute to your inbound marketing, and build a relationship with someone in a related field.
    7. Share It
      • Share your blog post across your professional social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If your practice has a company newsletter, include the blog post or a direct link to view the post on the company website. Take it a step further and condense the length of the URL by using resources such as or

    About the author:

    Ashlee Chu is Marketing Coordinator and Registered Paraplanner® for Hewitt Financial Group where she contributes her client care and marketing services. She studied Business Communications at Azusa Pacific University and is currently making her way through the Enrolled Agent study program. Ashlee handles social media marketing for various non-profit organizations and has coordinated international events.

    TOPICS: Blogging, content marketing, digital blogging, financial blogging
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