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    April Support Update

    Hello advisors and welcome back to another support update! While spring has sprung, the flowers in your mother's backyard are not the only things that are blooming for the month of April. With an addition of educational resources, an enhanced platform and, of course, new ...

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    Topics: Advisor Websites, Blogging, Company Culture, General, hootsuite, How-To, Integration, Technology, support, website

    5 Faux Pas When Implementing Your CRM System

    While a CRM system is an intelligent investment for companies to make, it should also provide maximum value; however, all it takes are a few faux pas when implementing your system to stymie the profit margin. Even veteran-CRM users are committing these kinds of errors.

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    Topics: CRM, integration, Technology, technology

    Sample Biography - 4 Free Templates for Financial Advisors

     Free Financial Advisor Biographies Working on financial advisor biographies is plenty challenging. These pieces of content are hard to write. Creating compelling biography copy truly is harder than it sounds, especially for web. It is tricky to write about 'yourself.' Most ...

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    Topics: Financial advisor biography, financial bio template, Freebies, sample bio for advisors

    Case Study: Wealth Management Services Group, LLC

    Six months after launching, I talked with Mike Stewart, perhaps better known as ‘Advisor Mike,’ of Wealth Management Services, LLC to discuss his new website and how he’s leveraging it to grow his business.

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    Topics: Blogging, client relationships, integrations, Riskalyze, Showcase

    How to Generate Leads with a Lead Capture Form and Incentive

    When traffic arrives to your website, whether organically or from various marketing initiatives, the next step is to capture those leads before they get away on you.

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    Topics: Business Growth, content, content marketing, integration, Integration, lead capture, lead generation

    Time to Get [Mobile-]Friendly - Google's Latest Algorthim Update

    In a recent statement on their Webmaster Central Blog, Google announced that starting April 21, 2015, its algorithm will further expand to favour websites that are mobile-friendly. In doing so, "users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are ...

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    Topics: Design, google, responsive design, SEO, Technology, web design, mobile friendly

    Financial Web Marketing Hack: Automate the Content Push

    In the age of the savvy internet shopper, consumers aren't interested in being blatantly sold to.

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    Topics: Blogging, content marketing, email marketing, integration, Integration, Technology, Social Media, technology

    Recovering from a Google Penalty in 2015

    Last week we talked about the essential role Google Analytics plays when it comes to measuring the performance of your marketing initiatives.

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    Topics: Google Analytics, integration, Integration, SEO, Technology, technology

    Banner, Bio, & Blog - The 3 'B' Video Approach for Financial Advisors and Insurance Agents

    The blog theme this month has centred around technology and the various tools you can integrate with your website - turning it into an online hub for your clients and prospect - and while video may not technically be a 'tech tool,' it is definitely a 'higher tech' option you can ...

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    Topics: integration, Technology, Video, technology

    Build Strong, Happy Client Relationships with Technology

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    Topics: integration, Integration, Technology, Webinar, tech tools, technology, websites

    Responsive vs. Mobile-Friendly Websites: The Tech Confusion

    While today's generation aims to become evermore technologically advanced, various forms of website design has been deemed a hot topic of current discussion. As terms such as "responsive" and "mobile-friendly" are continuously juggled during tech talks, their distinct ...

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    Topics: Advisor Websites, Design, General, responsive design, Technology, web design, mobile friendly, websites

    The Financial Technology Trifecta

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    Topics: CRM, Integration, lead generation, Technology, Webinar, tech tools, technology

    Do Robo-Advisors Use Excel?

    With robo-advisors on the rise, many real advisors are concerned for the safety of their practice.

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    Topics: integration, robo-advisor, Technology, technology

    Elevate Your Web Presence: Create an Online Hub for Clients and Prospects

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    Topics: client portal, Client Services, integration, Integration, online hub, Webinar, technology

    Salvini Financial Planning Case Study

    Previously operating with a different website, Salvini Financial Planning decided that a complete overhaul was necessary, “it had been recommended from people we respect in the industry that there’s an advantage to changing your entire platform every so often,” said Bonnie Burt, ...

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    Topics: advisor websites, case study, Showcase, web design

    (Integration) Advisor Websites and MailChimp

    What is MailChimp? MailChimp is an online email marketing solution for managing contacts, sending emails, and tracking results.

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    Topics: blog content, Blogging, email marketing, email newsletter, integration, Integration, mailchimp

    The Best in #FinTech [ebook]

    Our new ebook is out!

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    Topics: advisor websites, driving website traffic, ebook, Freebies, integration, Integration, lead generation