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    New integration with RedTail CRM

    We are pleased to announce a brand new integration with Redtail CRM. The integration consists of a lead capture form (built as a new page on your website), that once completed by your visitor, will automatically create a new lead within your RedTail CRM account.

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    Topics: crm integration, Lead generation for advisors, redtail crm, Marketing

    Expose Your Uniqueness to Your Target Market

    Not finding a way to actively share with others what you do negates your best chance of ever being able to serve them. Here’s one way firms are sharing their best attributes with the world:

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    Good Execution Trumps Good Strategy

    One of my favorite quotes by Seth Godin is: “Waiting for perfect is never as smart as making progress.” My least favorite quote from more than one financial advisor is: “It worked so well we stopped doing it.”

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    Topics: advisors, Financial, for, ideas, strategy, Marketing, Sales Ideas

    Six Steps to Monitoring (and Repairing) Your Online Reputation

    The Internet has become a powerful tool. You can find anything you want online—anything! This is great when you want information, or perfect for advertising, but unfortunately, the bad news and reviews can seep through with the good. It’s vital to keep an eye on your online ...

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    Social Media Minute Podcast by RegEd: Reputation Management Online

    Reputation management is a critical factor in our always-on, interconnected world of web and social content. There are several ways you can monitor your brand and individual identity online – including using our own social media platform.

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    Topics: financial advisor brand management, Organization, Sales Ideas

    The Geico Marketing Method

    When you think of GEICO, what do you think of? Perhaps their slogan, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more.” Or maybe the green gecko with the accent comes to mind. GEICO has been able to establish incredible brand awareness through what I call the GEICO Marketing Method. The ...

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    Topics: marketing ideas for financial advisors, Marketing

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 25 Ways for Top Financial Advisors to Re-Purpose Content

    When it comes to social media marketing for financial advisors, time is of the essence.  Why?Because producing stellar content is an investment of precious minutes, creativity, and resources. So why make that hefty investment every time you need new content? All types of content ...

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    Topics: content, how, reuse, to, Social Media

    Hitting a Social Media Grand Slam- Google+ Hangouts on Air

    For business owners and professionals, Google+ Hangouts are an easy (and free) way to increase customer engagement and build brand presence online.  Specifically, Hangouts on Air is wonderful tool to take advantage of for your marketing efforts – sharing events, promoting topics ...

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