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    Managing Your Facebook Pages: There’s an App for That!

    It seems like no matter what you’re interested in these days, you are told “there’s an app for that!” However, being a manager for several Facebook accounts, I was constantly frustrated that there was not an app that made it easier to post on behalf of business Pages. After all, ...

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    Topics: Managing Facebook, Social Media

    How to Organize Your Contacts and Search Them Efficiently

    One sign of a successful advisory business is a voluminous contact list. Between clients, prospects, colleagues, and allied professionals, your contact list growth shows no signs of slowing. How do you best organize your contacts and search them efficiently? In this month’s ...

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    Topics: Organizing contacts, Organization

    FINRA Regulatory Notice 12-29

    With the official date for new communications with the public rules officially set, now is a great time to re-visit your firm’s approach. In this post, Tracey Straub provides some helpful advice on what to focus on along with a brief overview that provides a simplified summary ...

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    Topics: finra regulations for advisors, General

    Social Media: The Modern-Day Blob? (Part 2 of 2)

    Continuation of part one. CONTROL The real issue at hand is “Control”; that is, control of the individuals who rely on communication as means to conduct business. As noted in the recent Securities and Exchange Commission’s National Examination Risk Alert titled Investment ...

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    Topics: Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    Slides from yesterday's webinar: Mass Affluent Lead Gen & Web Based Marketing for Financial Advisors

    Hi all, I have uploaded the Powerpoint deck from yesterday's webinar, presented by Frank Troise. You can scroll through our slides by using the application below:  

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    Topics: Lead generation for financial advisors, SEM, Marketing

    Learn 5 Little Known But Explosive Marketing Strategies That Can Put Your Practice Growth On Auto-Pilot!

    If you want to work SMARTER, not harder and learn how to leverage your time, money and marketing efforts and generate 2-5X the results in less time than you ever thought possible... You need to download and listen to this audio right away.

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    Topics: explosive marketing strategies for financial advis, marketing ideas for financial advisors, Marketing

    Social Media: The Modern-Day Blob? (Part 1 of 2)

    Remember the good ol’ days, when all you needed to worry about was controlling “You’ve got mail”, and a simple web filter solved all your problems? Now, everywhere you turn in the compliance community you hear or read about social media. For example, take a look at the upcoming ...

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    Topics: Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    Get Existing Clients to Invite People to Your Events

    This Financial Advisor marketing strategy is not necessarily a marketing strategy, but a system (specific dialogue) to help you get more people to attend your event, seminar, workshop, tele-class, lecture, etc. If you’re a Financial Advisor that holds tele-classes, lectures, ...

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    Topics: expand your business presence, Marketing, marketing your events

    Start Working with Ideal Clients that Appreciate You

    As September is a time of shifting from vacation to back to work mode, it is also time to start working with clients who you enjoy, who would benefit from your products and services and who provide you with revenue. As a business coach, I can be of assistance as you to build a ...

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    Topics: General, Ideal clients

    Maximize Results from Radio Ads

    This Financial Advisor marketing strategy focuses on radio advertising. Admittedly, this is one of the more expensive marketing initiatives, but if used correctly, you can generate more leads then you can handle.

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    Topics: marketing ideas for financial advisors, radio marketing, Marketing

    Five Ways to Sharpen Your Listening Skills

    Being a good listener helps in establishing rapport. Focusing your attention on making your client feel important and understood requires you to talk less and listen more. Clients do not need information overload; they just want you to use your knowledge to solve their problem, ...

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    Topics: How-To, increase your effectiveness, sharpen your listening skills

    Inaugural co-webinar: lead generation & web marketing

    Mark this date in your calendars: Thursday, August 23rd at 11am Pacific (= noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern)

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    Topics: web marketing for advisors, lead generation for financial services, Marketing, webinar for financial advisors

    Five Tips for Gearing Up for Success

    Studies have shown that successful people have high scores when tested for optimism and that it is their optimistic attitude that paves the way for their success. Optimists have resilience and do not let rejection alter their course. They believe that they have the skills ...

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    Topics: how to create success, Organization, success for financial advisors

    Five Tips on Giving Back to Community and Growing Your Business

    Ways to give back to community include volunteering, being on a board or supporting your local sports team. As advisors, it is common to be asked to be treasurer or on a finance committee, as your expertise lies with numbers. Community activities will benefit your business by ...

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    Topics: Business Growth, financial professionals business growth, grow your financial business by giving back

    Advisor Websites Partners with My New Financial Advisor

    My New Financial Advisor Partners with to Enhance Advisor Web Development Efforts The Same Sophisticated Web-Design Tools used by National Advisor Firms

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    Topics: General

    Five Ways to Build a Referral Network with Centres of Influence

    Your centres of influence (COIs) are your more profitable sources of referral business. Lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers and realtors are the top ones, and some advisors even use other advisors with a specialized niche. You need to be proud and confident that when you ...

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    Topics: client referral strategy for financial advisors, how advisor can generate referrals, Marketing