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    Mobile Dictation as a Client Data Retention Tool

    July 10, 2012

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    Topics: Client data retention tools, Personal organization for financial advisors, Organization

    New Feature: Social Sharing

    After the successful introduction of blog tagging and categories, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Social Sharing via the AddThis application. You can now enable the Social Sharing feature on your pages, and increase traffic to your site by helping visitors share to ...

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    Topics: General, social sharing for advisor websites

    How to Take Charge of Your Multiple Social Media Profiles

    Social media allows you to connect with friends, relatives, and acquaintances; it also lets you meet new people with similar interests. But after a while, it can become tedious keeping track of all of your social media accounts - without neglecting one or more of them.

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    Topics: Social media outsourcing, Social Media, Social media for financial advisors, Social media management

    SEO Strategy for financial advisors: 5 must-haves

    Important note: in no way is this article meant to be a silver bullet or cookie cutter solution! You will have to think strategically and equip yourself with patience. Bear in mind that there is so much more to SEO than these 5 must-haves, and you should definitely educate ...

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    Topics: SEM, SEO, seo for financial advisers, seo strategy for financial advisors

    How Are Financial Advisors Using Social Media?

    We get asked constantly – how are business’ using social media? Our answer – lets take a close look at real world data analysis rather than through a survey. Arkovi released an initial infographic in February 2011 as a debut of our social media research offerings. Now we revisit ...

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    Topics: Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    The Believable Voice

    When you are reading a study published by a technology company on what technology does to our kids – do you believe it? When you hear a financial advisor talk about how extraordinary their services are – do you believe it? If a restaurant owner says they have the best food in ...

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    Topics: client reviews for financial advisors, Marketing

    Social Media Begs for Better Customer Service. Don’t Ignore It.

    One of my first jobs was waiting tables. Working in the fast paced restaurant industry made me realize quickly the importance of good customer service.  In fact, I distinctly remember a sign hanging in the kitchen that I would pass every time I headed out to greet new tables. ...

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    Topics: better customer service for financial advisors, Social Media

    Social Media Minute Podcast: Repurposing Content

    Repurposing content – what does that even mean?  In this episode of the Social Media Minute, we have made the subject a bit broader – talking about saving content created by others as reference material, sources to cite, and inspiration for your own editorial calendar. In ...

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    Topics: content marketing for financial advisors, General

    Marketing Plans Are Useless Without 1 Key Element

    A plan that starts with your mission, vision, values, goals, strengths, weaknesses, marketing strategy, budget and sales projections typically take weeks, if not months, to prepare. This plan, however, is a completely useless tool to drive sales if it lacks an accompanying, ...

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    Topics: Marketing, marketing plan for financial advisors

    ROI and Social Media: 3 Key Strategies for Financial Advisors

    Think back to the last time you attended a trade conference, a chamber networking event, or an impromptu coffee meeting with a lead. During these occasions, I assume you engaged in conversation, exchanged pleasantries, passed out business cards, and gave brilliant elevator ...

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    Topics: social media roi for financial advisors, Social Media

    Social Media Minute Podcast: Tumblr and Flickr

    50 episodes! We continue to stay focused on social for business and finding tips, techniques and news to help you. In this episode we discuss Tumblr and Flickr based on questions we have received from our listeners and customers. Are these visual platforms still relevant now ...

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    Topics: Social Media Podcast for financial advisors, Social Media

    A Competitive Spirit Fuels Business

    The most successful businesspeople that I have researched for several of my books are truly competitive souls – sometimes to a fault. Their competitive spirit fuels and drives the way they think, the way they act, and certainly the way they react. To others, they may appear to ...

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    Topics: competitive spirit for financial advisors, General

    Social Media Minute Podcast: Understanding the Culture of Your Business

    “How do I understand my business’ culture or vibe before I begin posting online?”  This is a very popular question we have received from our listeners in response to other podcasts we’ve shared. The answer is really quite simple: do what you do best!  Take your personality into ...

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    Topics: General, understanding business culture for financial advis