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    LinkedIn Growth Among Advisors

    If you didn't know what LinkedIn was this time last year, chances are you know now.  In the past three months alone, LinkedIn growth among financial advisors has risen from 80,000 users, to 100,000 strong.

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    Topics: linked in growth for financial advisors, linkedin guide for advisors, LinkedIn Guide, Social Media

    iPad Adoption in Financial Services Industry

    Last week Business Insider published the results of a report created by Good Technology, which states that the financial services industry accounted for 46% of iPad activations when categorized by industry.  Before we look at this and think wow half of people who purchase iPads ...

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    Topics: General, ipad adoption by financial services, ipad for financial advisor

    Five Roadblocks to Financial Social Media Adoption

    If social media is so powerful, why isn’t everyone doing it?

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    Topics: steps to starting social media for finance industr, roadblocks to social media in financial services, Social Media, Social media for financial advisors

    QR Code For Your Financial Practise

    First off, I know some of you will be asking what I QR code is, so here is a definition.

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    Topics: business card for financial services, qr code for financial service, Marketing, qr code for my practise, QR code for small business

    Google Alerts for Financial Services

    I know this may seem like a Google type of week (with two Google related posts in two days), but with all the talk about Google+, it's admittedly been hard to avoid the company.  Yesterday I was doing my morning reading and I came across an article published on ...

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    Topics: Blogging, google alerts beta, google tools for financial services, what is google alerts, tools for financial advisor

    How Often Do You Have Contact With Your Clients?

    Last week at the Financial Network Connect conference, we attended a workshop hosted by Referral Coach Bill Cates.  The presentation was about an hour long, and the content he provided the room with was inspiring to say the least.

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    Topics: do referrals work? referral strategies, how do advisors get referrals, how often should I meet with my clients?, How-To, how to grow my business through referrals, the referral coach, Marketing

    The Real Cost of Counterfeiting

    The following infograph was kindly submitted to us from The Credit Blog, and just by taking a glance at it, you can get a good idea of how detrimental the counterfeit goods industry is to the economy.

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    Topics: companies losing money due to counterfeiting, General, how much damage is caused by counterfeit goods

    Highlights From Financial Network's Connect Conference

    From July 6th-July 9th, Advisor Websites was down in Orlando, Florida, at Financial Network's Connect Conference.  Although this obviously wasn't Financial Network's first ever annual conference, it was the first time it was held under the name Connect.

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    Topics: Blogging, Cetera conference, financial network annual conference, Financial Network Connect, Financial network social media