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    The Complete Interview with Bill Winterberg: Financial Advisors and Technology

    On Tuesday, March 22, 2011, Advisor Websites had the opportunity to speak at length with one of the industry’s thought leaders, Bill Winterberg.  The interview addressed current issues that Financial Advisors are facing with technology, and is now available below in it's ...

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    Topics: apps for advisors, bill winterberg advice, Showcase, technology for advisors, tools for advisors

    Financial Advisors Using Technology

    The technical age has brought about advances in almost any industry and field of human society, and the financial market is no exception to this. As researchers improve technologies such as computers, financial advisors integrate these new tools into their repertoire; these new ...

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    Topics: General, software for advisors, technology for advisors, tools for advisors

    The R Trifecta: Referrals, Retention, and Recurring Revenue

    Every day, we learn more and more about our advisor clients. After analyzing and interpreting client feedback and listening to their needs, we have deduced that advisors want the R Trifecta. We use this term to describe the ability to obtain referrals from their clients and ...

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    Topics: building retention, financial advisor referrals, How-To, how to build a business from referrals, Marketing, Sales Ideas

    How Mobile Devices and Applications Can Change the Way You Do Business

    From television commercials, to feature articles, there is no denying that mobile phones are one of the hottest items consumers are chasing these days.  As smartphones have become more user-friendly, and the capabilities have grown to justify the price, smartphones have grown to ...

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    Study Shows Social Media Usage Growing Among Financial Professionals

    About a week and a half ago, American Century Investments published a study called Financial Professionals Social Media Adoption. This is the second annual report under the name , which allow us to easily see how the numbers have changed in the last year.

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    Topics: adaptation, american century investments study, financial advisors social media study, financial professionals social media growth, Social Media

    Financial Advisor's Guide to Creating an Effective Bio for Social Media Sites

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    Topics: bio for social media sites, financial advisor bio, financial advisor branding, How-To, how to establish a brand

    3 Reasons You Should Document Client Meeting Notes

    Ever return to your office at the end of the day, take out your notes from the day’s meetings, and try to document the important details?  How much information do you remember from the first meeting of the day?

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    Topics: General, How-To, mobile assistant, meeting notes