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    Google Adwords 101 for financial advisors

    Google Adwords is the online software platform developed by Google to handle their PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. Campaigns can be managed from a central interface which distributes advertising on the Google Search Engine, Partner Search (other websites with a Google search ...

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    Topics: adwords 101, google adwords for advisors, SEM, ppc campaigns for financial advisors

    Very Effective SEO Objectives by Primary Market

    The chart below shows how effective various search engines optimization objectives tend to be for B2B and B2C companies. This study, conducted by Marketing Sherpa, shows that the increase in web traffic and brand/product awareness remain the most two successful initiatives ...

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    Topics: increase web traffic on financial website, SEO, SEO for advisors

    Six Tips for Financial Advisors to improve their Email marketing campaigns

    Recently, Loic from Advisor Websites shared a great chart about effective e-mail marketing techniques which shows that how effective an e-mail marketing campaign could be. E-mail marketing is still one of the most affordable marketing methods in online world. A well planned ...

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    Topics: advisor email campaigns, email marketing for financial advisors, online marketing tips for advisors, Marketing

    8 Ways Financial Advisors Can Build Their Email Lists Naturally

    Many financial advisors are consumed by generating leads. They want a pipeline of leads coming in on a regular basis so they can build up their practice and become more successful.

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    Topics: E-mail Marketing, e-mail marketing for advisors, Marketing, marketing for financial advisors

    5 Fantastic Financial Android Applications to Download

    If you don’t own an Android based cell phone, I would advise that you heavily consider getting one.  The monthly prices really aren’t that bad and you’re going to be amazed at what this phone can do for you.  It’s basically your desktop all in the palm of your hand.

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    Topics: android apps, financial applications, General

    Most effective marketing techniques for financial advisors

    Two months ago, we asked professionals of the financial services industry to go through a survey about marketing and advertising techniques. Over 600 advisors, financial planners and managers of financial/investment firms rated their most successful marketing tools, and shared ...

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    Topics: Marketing, Social Media

    Recommend and get recommended on LinkedIn

    Today we are proud to be launching a new series of LinkedIn how-to videos provided by LinkedIn. This week, we are looking at how you can recommend people and get recommended by your connections.

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    Topics: Create a professional LinkedIn profile, get recommended on LinkedIn, LinkedIn for financial advisors, Video, LinkedIn recommendations, Social Media

    Financial website creation checklist

    We are in the business of building websites for financial advisors and have a pretty well defined process when it comes to guiding our clients through the production process. Our client base is a mix of new website owner and advisors wanting to take their existing website to the ...

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    Topics: financial website template, Freebies, website creation checklist, website for financial advisor